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Public Service Request Center
To report issues in the City such as illegal dumping, safety hazards, graffiti please use the Public Service Request Center. this will allow you to pinpoint the precise location of the issue on a map and allow you to provide a photo.  You may enter as a registered user to be notified when items have been addressed, or as a guest to provide an item without future notification of its repair or remedy. 

For General inquires you may select a department in the form below. If you have an item pertaining to illegal dumping, graffiti, potholes, or other items use the form above. For Measure "S" Address Verification please use the form below and provide the address and your contact information. Staff will contact you to confirm.

For Formal Public Information Requests pursuant to the Public Records Act please use the form below. If you do not wish to leave your personal information please use the Public Information Request Document and submit it via email or mail to Selma City Clerk at [email protected] or 1710 Tucker Street Selma CA 93662.

Citizens Request Center

Citizens Request Center

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Fire Robert Petersen Fire Chief [email protected] (559) 891-2211 .ext 3304
Fire Wendy Mangan Fire Inspection Billing [email protected] (188) 864-0722
Fire Anthony Rivas Fire Marshal [email protected] (559) 891-2265
Police Rudy Alcaraz Police Chief [email protected] (559) 891-2280
Police Tim Cannon Police Commander [email protected] (559) 891-2283
Police Debbie Gomez Evidence Technician [email protected] (559) 891-2210
Police Robyn Lewis Administrative Assistant [email protected] (559) 891-2277
Public Works Sylvia Luna Administrative Assistant [email protected] (559) 891-2215
Community Development Kamara Biawogi Planner [email protected] (559) 891-2200 .ext 3111
Community Development Trevor Stearns Planner [email protected] (559) 891-2209
Community Development Lupe Macias Assistant Planner [email protected] (559) 891-2200 .ext 3125
Police Department Juan Mendez Code Enforcement Officer [email protected]
Administration Fernando Santillan City Manager [email protected] (559) 891-2250
Finance Inez Navarro Account Technician [email protected] (559) 891-2205 .ext 3120
Police Alejandro Alvarez Sergeant Alejandro [email protected] (559) 891-2200 .ext 2245
Police Rene Garza Police Commander [email protected] (559) 891-2230
Police Cassie Fain Sergeant [email protected] (559) 891-2200 .ext 2278
Recreation Liz Martinez Recreation Coordinator [email protected] (559) 891-2237
Recreation Nicolette Andersen Arts Center Coordinator [email protected] (559) 891-2237
Recreation Emily Dixon Recreation Aide [email protected] (559) 891-2237
Administration Reyna Rivera City Clerk [email protected] (559) 891-2200 .ext 3104
Fire Fabian Uresti Fire Division Chief [email protected] (559) 891-2211 .ext 3321
Administration Jerome Keene Deputy City Manager [email protected] (559) 891-2200 .ext 2267
Community Services Amy Smart Community Services Director [email protected] (559) 891-2285
Administration Tiffany Flores Executive Assistant to the City Manager [email protected] (559) 891-2200 .ext 3124

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