City Council Approves Local Road Safety Plan

The City of Selma has an approximate population of 24,402. The average daily vehicle miles traveled is 167,390, and Selma maintains approximately 83 total roadway centerline miles. The major roadways in the city include Golden State Highway and S Highland Avenue, which both run north to south, and Floral Avenue, which runs from east to west.
Based on the review of crash data conducted as part of the LRSP, pedestrians and bicyclists are overrepresented in fatal and severe injury crashes. The top three fatal and severe injury collision types in Selma were vehicle-pedestrian, rear end, and hit object crashes; the top three fatal and severe injury primary collision factors were pedestrian violation, automobile right of way, and driving under the influence. The LRSP provides potential engineering, education, emergency services, and enforcement strategies tailored to Selma’s crash history and local priorities, as well as performance measures to evaluate progress.

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