Zoning Code Workshop: Update Video available for review

View the video recording of the zoning code workshop here
Read more about the project on our Community Development Department page.

Original message:

We are looking for input from the public and residents on what types of development are fitting for Selma and will make it a successful community for those who live and have businesses here.

Please attend the Virtual Workshop to learn about the Zoning Code Update process, how a zoning code works, and provide us input on how you want to see Selma grow and prosper.

We are just the technicians … YOU are the ones that know Selma, so tell us what is working, what is not, what you want to see built – how and where.
Please feel free to reach out to Tracy Tosta for more information at [email protected] or call City Hall at 559-891-2200.

Meeting ID: 920 9672 6737
Passcode: 678900

What is Zoning?  A zoning ordinance is a rule that defines how property in specific geographic zones can be used. Zoning ordinances detail whether specific geographic zones are acceptable for residential or commercial purposes. Zoning ordinances may also regulate lot size, placement, density, and the height of structures.

What is Selma's Current Zoning?  Title XI of the Selma Municipal Code provides for the regulation of property development and use. A zoning map is also available on the City of Selma website here

Zoning Workshop Info Flyer

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