4th of July Celebration: Sustainability Info from WM

Feeding a crowd? Opt for reusable plates and utensils to keep unnecessary items out of the waste stream.

Keeping hydrated? Whether celebrating at home or out and about, remember to recycle bottles and cans.

Heating up or cooling down? Remember that household hazardous waste like propane tanks and pool chemicals should never go in your trash, recycling or yard waste cart.

Lighting up the grill or skies? Barbecue coals, ashes and fireworks, such as sparklers, need to be properly disposed of in order to prevent cart and truck fires.

COALS: Always allow coals and ashes to cool for at least 48-72 hours in the grill/pit before placing them in the trash. Never place coals/ashes in your recycling or yard waste carts.

SPARKLERS: Let sparklers soak in water at least 15 minutes before disposing in your trash cart.

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