Announcement: Interim City Manager


SELMA, CA, June 22, 2021, the City of Selma has named Ralph S. Jimenez as its Interim City Manager.  Mr. Jimenez assumes the position vacated by City Manager Teresa Gallavan on June 2, 2021.  Mr. Jimenez has over 30 years of public sector administrative experience specializing in human resources, labor relations, and general government administration.  He has extensive experience developing and managing budgets, administering employer-employee relations, conducting and managing executive-level recruitments, and working collaboratively with elected bodies, department heads, employees and labor organizations.  As Interim City Manager, Mr. Jimenez will report to the City Council, oversee city operations, and administer the recruitment process for a fulltime City Manager.  The City Council anticipates appointing a fulltime City Manager within the next four to six months.

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is the operational head of city government. 

Mr. Jimenez’ monthly salary is $16,500. His start date is June 22, 2021. Please contact Ralph Jimenez, at 559-891-2200 or [email protected], with any questions.  

Reyna Rivera, Selma City Clerk
(559) 891-2200 extension 3104                            

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