Public Works

Parks Division

The Parks Division maintains over 90 acres of parks and landscaped medians.  This includes Shafer Park, Pioneer Village Park, Peter Ringo Park, Salazar Park, Berry Park, Lincoln Park, Brentlinger Park, Dog Park, Pocket Park, and 29 landscaped islands and medians.  This division also maintains 23 city buildings and 6 park shelters as well as all park recreation facilities and recreational lighting.  The objective is to provide park and recreation areas that are safe, attractive, and inviting for family gatherings and individual use.

Fleet Division

The Fleet Services Division, under the direction of the Public Works Director maintains over 306 pieces fleet. This includes all city vehicles as well as equipment.

Contact Information:

Michael Honn
Public Works Director
[email protected]

Sylvia Luna
Public Works Administrative Assistant
(559) 891-2215
[email protected]

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