Downtown Business Improvement District

Currently AMI Concepts is working with business owners and the City of Selma on the evaluation of a Business Improvement District. For any questions please contact the Economic Development Department.


*Meetings will be held every other Thursday and are open for attendance if you contact the Economic Development Department first. The working group members should have already attended at least one meeting. If you are interested in joining the work group please let us know. 

Past Meetings: 
  • July 15, 2021: Working group selected an initial map boundary for the BID area. Also discussed services and activities that would benefit the downtown area. The working group is comprised of several downtown business owners across multiple industries including, restaurant, retail and services.
  • July 1, 2021: Meeting included discussion of map boundary for downtown
  • June 17, 2021: Initial Stakeholder Meeting
  • Open House: Introduction to Business Improvement Districts 5/19/2021
  • Council approval of contract with AMI Concepts for BID Feasibility Study as funded by USDA Rural Business Development Grant 5/5/2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a BID? Why Downtown Selma?
A business improvement district (BID) is a public/private partnership created to revitalize a business area like Downtown Selma through an assessment. Together the Downtown Selma business owners will:
• Take the lead role
• Maintain a recognizable identity
• Improve the customer experience
• Assure economic sustainability

2. Speaking of assessments, what will our assessments be?
That is to be determined in the formation process. The assessment may be based on your business license fee or could be a flat fee annually. The BID Steering Committee will discuss options and provide a method for review in the Management District Plan.

3. What about City services that are currently being provided? Is the BID assessment used to
replace these services?
No! At no time will normal City services be reduced in Downtown Selma in response to this funding.

4. What about the Chamber of Commerce? Will this replace the Chamber?
No! A Downtown Selma BID and the Selma Chamber of Commerce provide services that complement each other, but do not overlap. While the Chamber serves the entire community, the BID services will be determined by the business owners to fill needed gaps in the Downtown core.

5. Who decides how the assessments are used?
A Management District Plan will be developed by the Selma BID Steering Committee and reviewed by Downtown businesses. That will guide the services provided. A BID Advisory Board will be selected to recommend budgets, monitor service delivery and provide oversight of the district in years to come. It will consist of business owners who apply and are appointed by the Selma City Council.

6. Duration? What does that mean?
The BID formation process only needs to happen once, but it needs to be reviewed annually by the City Council. Each year, they accept the annual report and approve the operations for the next year, as proposed by the BID Advisory Board. Changes can be made to assessments, benefits, and BID Advisory Board members.

7. How does all this happen?
A Downtown Selma BID Steering Committee will be formed by interested business owners. Over the summer, they will make initial decisions to create a Management District Plan. This document, when approved, will govern the decisions made by the BID Advisory Board and the City Council regarding the BID district.

8. Why support a BID?
Supporting the BID will spur revitalization through programs and services that supplement, not replace, work of the City of Selma or the Selma Chamber of Commerce. In addition, BID budget decisions will be made by a Board of business owners, which ensures direct accountability for these enhanced services.

Draft Map Boundary Options as of 7/6/2021:

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