How to Apply

How to Apply for a City Position


Please print application on LEGAL size paper (8 ½" x 14") before filling it out.

Do not try to complete the application form on the computer.

Applications may be emailed to the City of Selma HR Department

The City of Selma welcomes applications for openings in any position.  For most positions, the City only accepts applications during an open enrollment or when a vacancy exists. However, for certain safety positions in police and fire services (see Job Opportunities page) you may submit an application at any time.  To make the application process easier to understand, please review the following:

You must submit a City of Selma Employment Application Form and any required supplemental documents to be considered in the recruitment process.

When completing the employment application, be as thorough as possible when listing experience, education and training needed to qualify for the testing process. Precise dates of employment are necessary for determining whether your experience is actually qualifying. Be sure to include number of hours worked at each prior position and whether each job was full-time or part-time.

If a California Driver's License is required for your position, be sure you include the information under the appropriate section.  You must sign and date the application form prior to submittal.

Important information regarding the application process:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity.  The City of Selma is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, medical condition, marital status, sexual preference, veteran status, family care status, gender or pregnancy.  All personnel decisions and selection methods are based upon job-related qualifications and successful job performance.
  • Disability Accommodations.  If you have a disability that requires accommodation during the selection process, please notify Human Resources at least 48 hours prior to that phase of the process for which you are requesting an accommodation.
  • Changes in address or telephone numbers.  If your contact information changes after you have submitted your application form, be sure to notify Human Resources as soon as possible.
  • Resume.  A resume may be required for some positions, however a resume will not be accepted as a substitute for a City of Selma application form.  Please do not write "see attached resume" instead of completing the application form as this may lead to a rejection of your employment application.
  • Cover Letter.  You are welcome to submit a cover letter with your employment application form but it is not necessary for any City position.
  • Supplemental Questionnaire. If a supplemental questionnaire is required, you must complete and submit it with your application form.  The job flyer will clearly indicate if such a questionnaire is necessary.
  • Late applications will not be accepted.  Please pay careful attention to the deadline date and make sure your application form reaches City Hall by that time. If you are using a mailing service, you should make sure the delivery is guaranteed by the filing deadline.

The City's Recruitment Process

Following the application deadline, the application materials will be carefully reviewed. Based on the information provided, the candidates who are deemed most qualified will be invited to participate in the selection process.  Each selection process consists of various tests designed to predict the candidates' ability to be successful in the position for which they have applied.  Different positions require different selection processes, however in most cases, the testing process will include one or more of the following:

  • Written Test. Written examinations are designed to test general aptitude and/or specific knowledge of the job for which you are applying.  Casual and comfortable clothing is always appropriate.
  • Performance, Practical or Agility Examinations. Practical examinations are usually given for positions which require a specialized skill or ability, such as keyboard proficiency or the operation of special equipment.  Agility examinations are given primarily to Firefighter applicants.  If you are invited to participate in such an examination, you should dress in clothing that is appropriate for the skills you will be demonstrating.
  • Oral Interviews. Applicants who score highest in the written examination and/or screening process will be invited to an oral interview.  These interviews are typically conducted by a panel of qualified professionals in the subject area. You may wish to research the job to determine which knowledge and skills may be evaluated during the interview.  If you are invited to participate in an oral interview you should try to relax and provide concise yet complete responses to the panel's questions.  You will want to make a good first impression, therefore an appearance that is professional and appropriate for the position is recommended.
  • Assessment Centers. This testing method is sometimes used for mid and upper-level management positions.  If you are invited to participate in such an exercise, you are advised to research the position thoroughly and be prepared to draw upon your direct and related experience, education and/or training.

The Eligibility List

At the completion of the selection process, you will be notified by Human Resources.  If you have succeeded in the selection process, your name will be placed on an eligibility list for the current opening.  Your name will also be considered for any future openings for the same position that may occur within the following 12 month period, following the date the eligibility list was established.

Department Interviews

The City department attempting to fill the vacant position will require one or more additional interviews with some or all of the candidates whose names appear on the eligibility list. In most situations, the interview will be conducted by the department head and one or two other high-ranking personnel within the department.

Background Investigations and/or Reference Checks

The City will conduct a background investigation and/or reference check to verify employment related information for all potential employees prior to extending a job offer. This is done to ensure that people who join the City's workforce are well qualified and have the potential to be successful in their positions.  The extent of the background/reference check depends on the position, but will include verification/references from current and past employers, fingerprint checks (a conviction for a crime does not automatically bar the candidate from employment) and confirmation of required licenses, certificates and degrees.

Candidates for positions in the Police Department will be subject to additional investigation as required by Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.).

Post-Offer Drug/Alcohol Screening, Physical and/or Psychological Exam

The successful candidate will be given a conditional offer of employment.  Conditions that may be included in the offer are negative results of drug and alcohol screening and the passing of a job-related physical exam. For certain safety positions, the individual must pass a psychological examination.

The conditional offer will also include a standard one-year probationary period.

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